For the Business Traveler

Orlando Vaccine recognizes the impact of globalization in the business world and is committed to you, the international business traveler, by providing you with a convenient, one-stop destination for your international travel needs.

Our Travel Medicine Specialists work closely with corporate travel and human resource managers, and corporate medical departments to make pre-departure visits as convenient and hassle-free as possible. As globalization continues its relentless pace and population density continues to increase in once remote areas, business travelers are finding themselves at increased risk of contracting diseases like Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis, Pneumonia and Influenza.

It makes business sense to mitigate unnecessary risks, and this includes reducing the risk of contracting a vaccine preventable disease. Companies and corporations can best deal with international travel health related issues by providing employees access to proper immunizations, medications and personalized health counseling before traveling.

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