The Importance of the Meningitis Vaccine

Posted on October 7, 2010

There are only a few diseases that quickly strike and can leave their victim deaf, brain-damaged, or even deaf within a mere 24 hours. However, meningitis is the rare yet deadly disease that can do just that. The bacterial form infects somewhere between 1,000 and 2,600 Americans every year, but can easily be resisted through a single vaccination.

A diagram of Meningitis and the brain.

Because the disease is often trafficked in college settings like dorm rooms or through the oversharing of materials, colleges are strictly recommending that all students receive the meningitis immediately.

While I was in college, I read about a handful of students tragically passing away from the sudden overtaking of the disease. It happened to somebody almost every single year during my tenure at UCF. It’s extremely sad.

Now that you know how to combat this mysterious infection, it’s always best to play it safe and remain protected. Call us to reserve an appointment for your very important meningitis shot.

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