Protective Vaccines

America’s children and adults strive for a healthier lifestyle, longevity and better quality of life than their ancestors. With today’s medical breakthroughs and product offerings, people are living longer and healthier. Good health is paramount when nurturing families, delivering productivity to employers, and improving the quality of life for everyone. At Orlando Vaccine we understand these objectives and offer protective vaccines for a healthy lifestyle.

Vaccine-preventable disease levels are at or near record lows. However, as consumers, we cannot take high immunization coverage levels for granted. To continue to protect America’s children and adults, we must obtain maximum immunization coverage in all populations, establish effective partnerships, implement immunization programs, and ensure vaccine safety. At Orlando Vaccine, we are committed to all of these components. Orlando Vaccine’s professional staff has a high degree of proficiency and expertise in vaccines related to international travel and healthy lifestyles.

Orlando Vaccine has grown into one of the largest purchasers and providers of vaccines in the country. Physician’s offices nationwide are reluctant to stock a full compliment of vaccines for their patients because of the high cost and insurance reimbursement schedules. Orlando Vaccine is known for its vaccine fulfillment services for travel medicine as well as protective vaccines for a healthy lifestyle.

We respond to the needs in the marketplace for specialty vaccines that are not necessarily related to travel. These vaccines require similar assessments of health history, risk groups, and individual needs. We follow the same protocols and guidelines to ensure proper application of these wellness vaccines to our clients.

Research has shown that companies across the country are looking for ways to minimize their insurance costs, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity. The interest in learning more about the benefits of a wellness program for groups as well as individuals is extremely high. Orlando Vaccine plays a vital role in partnering with corporations, schools, international travelers, church mission groups, and inter-country adoption travelers in the area of protective vaccines for a healthy lifestyle.

Orlando Vaccine is a nationwide comprehensive immunization provider. We have the ability to deliver services in our nationwide offices or on-site at your corporation, school, or church. Our experienced staff of Travel Medicine Specialists are available to answer your questions and administer protective vaccines quickly and efficiently.

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