Side Effects of Vaccines Causing Lawsuits

Posted on October 14, 2010

The Supreme Court met this week to discuss the current issues that the health industry is seeing with lawsuits against the side effects of some medicines and vaccines. According to reports, there are a few families claiming that certain vaccinations given to their child during infancy has caused health problems for their children later in life.

The members of the Supreme Court.

The allegations are being further investigated as the Supreme Court needs to find a way to not allow this to harm the health industry as a whole. The industry, which is a major component to the overall success of the economy must not be shut or slowed down in order to continue to allow the economy to recover. Without the revenue generated from the health industry, this country would be even worse off, which is pretty difficult to fathom.

To date, the vaccine court has paid out more than $1.9 billion to more than 2,500 people who have made similar claims. The big issue here is not just researching financial solutions to this, but to also understand what may be causing these side effects. That’s most important here.

Alternative Press added this to the ongoing discussion:

According to the lawsuit, Hannah Bruesewitz was a healthy infant until she received the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine in April 1992. Within hours of getting the DPT shot, the third in a series of five, the baby suffered a series of debilitating seizures. Now a teenager, Hannah suffers from residual seizure disorder, the suit says.

It seems like these allegations are legit.

While these lawsuits may suffice today, you can rest assured that Orlando Vaccine and Passport Health have never had any reports of side effects or long-term negative effects. Our vaccines are safe and beneficial to everybody.

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